Skwatta Kamp

Skwatta Kamp

Skwatta Kamp is a legendary South African Hip Hop group that was formed in 1996 in Johannesburg The group was originally composed of seven members, including Slikour, Flabba, Bozza, Nemza, Shugasmakx, Infa and later Relo (and another Master Sip).

The group rose to fame in the early 2000s with their fresh blend of socially conscious lyrics and hard-hitting beats, which helped to popularise a different kind of hip hop music in South Africa vocabulary and colloquialism. The group’s music tackled a range of issues affecting the country, from poverty and crime to political corruption and social inequality. In 2002, Skwatta Kamp signed a record deal with the Gallo Record Company, which helped to launch their career to new heights. Their debut album, “Khut En Joyn,” went on to become a massive success, winning numerous awards and cementing their place as one of South Africa’s most beloved Hip Hop acts.

Over the years, Skwatta Kamp has released several albums and collaborated with other prominent artists in the South African music scene. Despite the tragic loss of Flabba in 2015, the group has continued to perform and record new music, keeping their legacy alive for a new generation of Hip Hop fans. Today, Skwatta Kamp remains one of South Africa’s most influential and respected Hip Hop groups, and their music continues to inspire and uplift listeners across the country and beyond.



Genre: Hip Hop

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