Mango Groove

Mango Groove

As a true phenomenon in the South African music scene, Mango Groove needs very little introduction. Having cut its teeth in the mid-80’s SA alternative music scene (as a non racial South African act), the group exploded into national consciousness.

Mango groove with its uniquely eclectic, Big Band/Marabi-Pop sound has truly captured the hearts of South Africans and the hearts of people around the world. The band has classic hits such as Special Star, Dance Sum More, Hometalk, Moments Away and Another Country not forgetting the group’s best known radio hits from the last two decades (Mango Groove has had over 20 of them!) Hellfire, Penny Whistle, Nice To See You, Move Up, the list goes on and on.

Taking SA music to the world among other things, Mango Groove was the only South African act invited to perform at the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China, making them the only SA act featured on The Freddy Mercury Tribute concert that was broadcast-ed to over a billion people.


Genre: Marabi-Pop

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